Polaroid Sunglasses with Camera and Printer, Latest Stuff for Lady Gaga

The popular singer exposed the fruits of her labor at the imaging company about a year to the day while Polaroid said it was signing on Lady Gaga as its creative director.

The devices named “Grey Label by Haus of Gaga” consist of a pair of sunglasses with inserted camera and display, a mobile photo printer and a Polaroid camera.

Lady Gaga said as she exposed the GL20 sunglasses to a full mass and a storm of photo flashes at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, “This is the first ever pair of sunglasses that be able to be worn out to defend your eyes from the sun and they be able also get pictures.”  It was a come back tour to the consumer technology affair for the singer.

The sun glasses are able to shoot both photos and video, which is stored in memory inserted in one of the earpieces.  The earphone can be taken away and connected using USB to a printer of the images can be passed on by means of Bluetooth.

The sunglasses moreover include a screen in front of every eye that is able to play back recorded images.

The motivation for developing the product came from a pair of glasses she used once on tour, Lady Gaga said.

Grey Label by Haus of Gaga(photo credit: inflexwetrust)

She said, “When I did the Fame Ball tour, I prepared these glasses out of iPod screens that I strung simultaneously to make glasses that could play movies and I believed would not it be magnificent if these were operational.”

In March 2011, the next product, GL10 mobile photo printer, will be accessible for US$150 and pairs through Bluetooth with some cell phone that sustain the standard, excluding Apple’s iPhone. Keeping out of the well known cell phone done immediately a little boos from the spectators to which Lady Gaga make clear it was an Apple restriction and not a choice on part of Polaroid.

She said, “I presume some of you here are nerdy enough to take around a mobile printer with you and I know I will.”

The said printer carries a cartridge of 10 sheets of paper.

Polaroid camera was also revealed.  Similar typical Polaroid cameras, the camera prints out photos however, it be able also record them digitally. They can be scene on a pop-up display screen on its top.

The gadget will be accessible at the last part of 2011.

The said singer moreover strike IFA electronics display in 2009 to market a set of headphones she expanded with Monster Cable.