Police Investigates Apple Employees for Lost iPhone

unreleased prototype iPhoneSan Francisco police accompanied the Apple Inc. employees and searched their homes, police said. This is because of the reports that an employee from Apple Inc. had lost an unreleased archetype of iPhone.

Four police officers went to Ingleside district home with the Apple employees after the company asked the assistance of police for searching the lost item, officer said. The search commenced after two Apple employees met with the resident from the Ingleside district home and did not turn up the item anymore, police added.

CNET released a report last Aug. 31 that an employee from Apple Inc. lost an unreleased prototype of iPhone. The said iPhone was taken to a Mexican bar and restaurant and may have been advertised on Craigslist, a popular website that offers online ads for $200. The incident also happened last year in a bar.

Apple spokeswoman did not respond to the online queries and emails seeking comments for the said incident.

People familiar with the unreleased prototype of iPhone said that Apple Inc. plans to introduce the new version of iPhone soon that features a new stronger chip for faster data processing and an even more advanced camera.