Poll: Few iPad Owners Will Have iPad 2

Lance Ulanoff, Editor-in-Chief, inquired PCMag readers whether they intended to purchase the iPad 2 and what present iPad owners would make with their on hand tablets. Of the roughly 8,000 readers who replied, just around 14 percent are selling the iPad to purchase the iPad 2; the majority was not concerned in an iPad 2 upgrade.

The iPad 2 still begins at $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi-only edition; consequently several tablet owners may have to sell their iPad in order to give the next-generation gadget. Around 14 percent or 1,131 PCMag readers said they will go this way and put on the market the old iPad to have enough money for the latest one.

PCMag has a lead on how to put on the market the first-gen iPad, and Target and Best Buy have alleged the iPad will be a component of the buyback programs.

iPad 2

Several readers, though, are not prepared to part with their iPad. Concerning 18 percent, or 1,442, will be going on their iPads and also buying an iPad 2. Similar to Lance, one reader said that his wife required his iPad so he had a “valid excuse to get the iPad 2.”

Others, in the meantime, just weren’t that amazed with the thinner form factor, quicker chip, and front- and rear-facing cameras. Around 28 percent, or 2,173, alleged they would propose for the iPad 3.

Lastly, around 8 percent, or 596 people, are adequately overwhelmed with iPad challengers to trade their Apple tablet in for rather similar to the Motorola Xoom or the Galaxy Tab. Several people in the remarks correctly cautioned that the Xoom does not have Flash access at present, but not for long. Verizon proclaimed that Adobe Flash Player 10.2 will be on hand on the Xoom on March 18.

The iPad 2 is being for sale on Web site of Apple now and a diversity of retail stores.