Government & Security Needs Mobile Broadband Wireless Technology

A Day of Innovation in Technology was hosted by PowerWave Technologies in Washington, D.C, giving an end-to-end wireless coverage and capacity solutions.  It was held at the Pavilion in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

The particular highlight of the Day of Innovation was an exclusive expertise board named “Mobile Broadband for Government: The Next Wireless Frontier,” which helped in lifting consciousness and educating the profitable and government enterprises concerning the forthcoming wireless communications technologies for government applications.

PowerWave Technologies

The conversation was released with a significant language on the dangerous meaning of mobile broadband as an aggressive benefit for the United States as a nation and for its nationwide security by Governor Tom Ridge who is the primary Secretary of Homeland Security and as well an affiliate of Powerwave’s Technical Advisory Board.

“As broadband potentials combine with wireless technology, we will observe the coming out of more proficient and efficient government operations,” Governor Ridge said. Inside government, wireless broadband can right away get better the presentation and abilities of the public security, protection and homeland safety group of people. During its individual exercise of broadband, government can improved supply all citizens and make stronger our nation’s viable benefit.”

A few of the other board members who joint their dream for mobile broadband were Mr. Whitten Peters, ex- Secretary of the United States Air Force; Mr. John P. Jumper, retired General of the United States Air Force; Mr. A. Paulraj, Professor at the Stanford University and as well a Pioneer of Smart Antenna Technology MIMO; Mr. Ted Rappaport, Professor at the University of Texas, Austin and who is as well the originator of the Wireless Networking and Communications Group “WNCG” and pioneer of Indoor Wireless Propagation and Deployment Techniques; and Mr. Khurram Sheikh, Chief Product and Development Officer of Powerwave Technologies Inc and the pioneer in the Development of “4G” Networks.