PS4 and new Xbox to be released in March

The worldwide web has been flooded by news flash and rumors regarding the next generation hardware, with credible reports coming in from various sources. Concluding from these reports, it is prudent to assume that both Sony and Microsoft will certainly release new consoles within this year.

Since the year 2010, a successor to the Xbox 360 has been in the works already, because of a genuine-looking specs sheet that was accidentally revealed last summer.

According to other reports, the console is already in the works under the codename Durango. Other sources say that it’s Thebes. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 is also in the works with the codename Orbis.

While there are a lot of rumors spreading about the coming out of these consoles, the release dates and their prices also has no shortage of speculation. A lot more recent reports are saying that the PS4 and new Xbox could be released as early as March 2013 or in June.

And if there are no revelations to happen during those months, it is expected to release in October or November as the most probable months of revelation.

For the pricing, some reports say that the hardware will sell between $350 and $400 in the U.S.A.


PS4 and new Xbox to be released in March