Raptr Gives out an iPhone App that Connects you with your Xbox and PlayStation friends

Gaming-centric communal system Raptr has started an iPhone app that attaches with Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, Steam and Raptr’s own gamer system to follow the movement and attainments logged by many gamers.

The app is obtainable in the app store [iTunes link] for free exactly now. Although you can’t use the app to play games, you can employ it to see what your friends have been up to athwart all the aforesaid gaming systems. You can also propel and collect e-mails all the way through Xbox Live and Raptr’s network.


Raptr — one of our top five social networks for gamers — provides up movement torrents to let you recognize when your friends are playing particular games, or when they release Xbox Live attainments and other highlights. With the app, you can register in to see if your friend has compressed you to that Zombie Genocide attainment in Dead Rising 2. If so, you’d better hurry home and grab up!

This type of communal gaming assimilation is recepting on the iPhone, particularly ever since Windows Phone 7 has fitted Xbox Live shore up. iPhone gamers can use Apple’s Game Center to follow iOS titles, but there’s no resident method to remain up with Xbox or PlayStation friends. There are other third-party apps for this, of course, but not lots of that sustain manifold systems.