17 inch razer blade pro

Razer Unleashed 14-inch Razer Blade and Refreshed 17-inch Razer Blade Pro

Thursday, Razer unleashed their latest 14-inch Razer Blade laptop designed for extreme gaming. The hardware maker also released a refreshed version of their 17-inch Razer Blade with an even more powerful hardware and improved battery life without sacrificing the 0.88-inch profile. To sweeten the deal, Razer slashed off $200 from the price tag.

Min-Liand Tan, Razer CEO, claimed that the new 14-inch Razer Blade gaming laptop is the “thinnest gaming laptop in the world” in an event with the press at the Dolby Theater. Razer CEO also touted about the upcoming Razer Blade with a 0.66-inch profile which makes it just half the thickness compared to M14X of AlienWare.

17 inch razer blade pro
According to Min-Liand Tan, the Razer Blade is loaded with an extreme performance packed in such a very slim design by redesigning the platforms and thermal architectures. He also said that the gaming hardware is packed with “more performance per cubic inch” compared to other gaming-designed laptops.

Both the refreshed version of 17-inch Razer Blade and 14-inch Razer Blade sports the latest Intel’s Haswell CPU and NVidia’s GeForce GTX 765M GPU, which is considerably a very powerful hardware and adds more processing power to the gaming laptops. Both the Razer Blade and the Razer Blade Pro gaming laptops are now equipped with the full SSDs or solid state drives (standard 128gb SSDs) and storage options of 256GB and 512GB.

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  1. Razer Blade laptop seems to be an extreme good laptop, but I wonder how big the market is for it, it’s a bit too expensive and I think that competitors can come up with the same prestandad at a cheaper price pretty soon.

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