Reddit Continues to Battle DDoS Attacks; Linked with Boston Bombing?

Reddit continues to battle the DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service that has been slamming the site since Friday. In the sites’ announcement in their Twitter account, they said “Having some technical difficulties right now. We’ll be back ASAP.”

The service of the site came back around 7 in the morning, though some users are still experiencing troubles, but after an hour and thirty minutes some services and functions in the site were turned down. They then confirmed that they are “working on mitigating a malicious DDoS attack.”

If you are using Reddit now, it may look normal but notice the message at the top warning the users about the DDoS attack affecting some functions.

An admin from the site that goes by the name Alienth said in the sites forum, AskReddit, that the attackers has a lot of bandwidth on their side. The admin posted a picture showing a server load graph and said that no one had ever seen an attack like this before.

This attack on the site came after the Boston bombing incident. Others thought that this is connected though there are no clear reports yet whether the incident is linked with the DDoS attack.

Reddit DDoS Attack