Research Says Google+ Isn’t Mainstream Yet

google-plus-logoThe social network of internet giant Google, Google+, is so yet to become a mainstream platform, according to social media traffic analysis firm SocMetrics.

During its research, SocMetrics concentrated on the mothers who, it believes, are key influencers for the expansion of a social network.  The traffic analysis firm believes the mothers have not taken up the latest social network Google+ in a big way.

Google+ was headed into the mainstream, according to the report of Experian Hitwise, which studied 10 million online users.

While Hitwise studied the actual traffic on the social networks for its research, SocMetrics instead studied social media mentions on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube as well as Digg, Reddit and Disqus.  There were around one million conversations detected by the study per day, out of which few thousand discussions were about Facebook or Google+.

It as well found mostly people form industry like technology or marketing were more talking about Google+ whereas in the mainstream conversations which included sports or style – Google+ existence was less. The study says the moms are more active on Twitter or Facebook compared to Google+.  Their commitment on Google+ is around 30 to 50 percent less, according the study of SocMetrics.

Therefore, the SocMetrics research concludes, “While the initial buzz is waning, Google+ still has a great opportunity ahead. It has enough attention, even with some mainstream groups like moms, photographers, book authors that are giving it a chance. Google needs to move quickly to capitalize on this window, though, before it continues waning. As the adage goes, “you only get one chance to make a first impression”. This is even truer in the age of social media.”