Ribbon Interface in Windows 8 Screenshots

There is a chance for somebody to seep out little screenshots of what the next Windows operating system looks like as projected, now that a preview build of Windows 8 is accessible to a few lucky ones.

It didn’t take long, as a pair of screenshots has previously appeared on the web. Furthermore we previously are able to observe a shock adding up to the interface. Keep in mind the ribbon user interface that came out in Microsoft Office those users whichever loved or hated? It appears as still Microsoft has included very similar ribbon interface straight into Windows 8.

Windows 8

We just have a single screenshot and several ribbon menu captures to base this on currently but it appears as though some menu on a method window, e.g. Windows Explorer, will utilize the ribbon rather than the additional classic descend menu system of old. You are moreover going to observe this as a plus or minus because with Microsoft Office, and WordPad and Paint in Windows 7.

The ribbon interface does at hand the alternatives per menu item in a extremely apparent way and be able to be lively. On the other hand, it as well takes up several screen space and debatably makes sub-options fewer apparent or harder to put into practice well with arrangement.

Microsoft has a lot of experience with this scheme from using it in Office, so it appears improbably they would need to test with it more before creating a last choice on its use. This might fine be a last characteristic we require to obtain used to when upgrading to Windows 8.

photo credit: technocage.blogspot.com