RIM’s BlackPad Will be Controlled by QNX Software; Report says

A higher working method developed by QNX Software will allegedly power RIM’s future BlackPad tablet.

QNX Technology is used by several companies because of its wide variety of applications.

For instance, the QNX software is used in audio systems devised by BMW, as well as in navigational platforms developed by Carnegie Mellon University for the “Crusher”, a self-directed military vehicle.


But would QNX Software’s advanced OS aid in the corporate-oriented BlackPad take on Apple’s iPad?

Alkesh Shah, an anlyst from Evercore Partners, stated that QNX technology may permit RIM to influence indie software developers, while building on the extra-ordinary fame of the BlackBerry smartphone with business clients.

Shah explained that the iPad is a good tool for consuming, yet the only problem is a good method for creating and for production.

Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar said the same thing about the software, pointing out that incorporating QNX into the BlackPad may allow RIM to abuse the software’s great capacity.

“As long as it’s a good-enough product, they should have a fighting chance,” said Kumar.

The launching of BlackPad is very much expected to be done this coming November, with “roughly the same dimensions” as Apple’s famous iPad.

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