RIM’s Playbook is the Keystone in a 10-Year Plan

Mike Lazaridis, Research In Motion co-CEO, looks forward to the investment of the company in its QNX software will take the respected smartphone company for the next decade.

Lazardis boasted the first fruits of that investment, the Playbook tablet, to attendees here at D: Dive Into Mobile. RIM has got the tablet, anticipated to reach your destination in the first quarter of 2011 for a number of tests coerces more than the past few months however expected to triumph the Silicon Valley mobile best with the QNX software on which it’s gambling the future of the company.

RIM’s PlaybookThere is small hesitation that RIM has mislaid a small piece of admiration all along the Left Coast; even though RIM is the biggest tech company in Canada and a important market share player through out the world, as Lazaridis tell again hosts Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher many times, it is observed as a straggler in opposition to what Apple and Google have finished with the iOS and Android operating systems. The CEO did not precisely disprove that investigation although recommended that by planning an operating system with a tablet first and foremost in mind, it may really be competent to acquire the fall on its South Bay challengers.

Lazaridis moreover completed several appealing explanation concerning the application of the old “megahertz myth” from the PC wars to the smartphone market, saying publicly that smartphones are on the cusp of a comparable transition in which quick single-core processors are just excessively hot and moreover power-hungry for outlook mobile gadgets. His challenger, Andy Rubin of Google, showed off an unannounced tablet cogged for dual-core mobile processors on the opening day of the conference, and based on Lazaridis’ remarks RIM considers that such a transition is about to happen in the mobile space.

Lazaridis said, “All these portions are approaching jointly to group BlackBerry for next decade.” It’s not apparent whether he persuaded anybody that RIM be supposed to be back in the support of the digerati, however left an apparent feeling that RIM isn’t abandoning some view in the competition to construct a mobile stranglehold.