RIM to launch BlackBerry 10

On Wednesday, BlackBerry maker Research In Motion will at last officially reveal its BlackBerry 10 OS and the first Blackberry devices running on the platform.

In the whole success of BlackBerry 10, there’s a lot of riding that’s going on, wherein it is representing a whole new different platform compared to the previous operating system of the device. With this, RIM bets that the enhanced hardware and more advanced software will encourage more users to stick with BlackBerry, and at the same time attract users who are tired of other platforms.

These past few months, RIM hasn’t been very stable unlike other companies. Other than setting up the strains of BlackBerry 10, it has pulled through the support of developers, encouraged new hardware, and mobilized some excitement from carriers.

The success also goes to the developer test units that the company has released early on before the launch, which have seen a few good looks at the new OS. But with this launch, all of the people will have a full look at the hardware.

Research In Motion is fundamentally making a fresh start with a new platform, which will compete against other OS like Windows Phone of Microsoft and iOS of Apple.

RIM to launch BlackBerry 10