Robot System Shutdown Delayed Space Walk

A robotic-system shutdown disrupted space walk the International Space Station, parting a Discovery astronaut stuck with an 800-pound pump in his hands for almost a half an hour.

The advantage is it was light.

Stephen Bowen, lead spacewalker was in no hazard, but it didn’t sound enjoyable.

Mission Control inquired if he was at ease.

Bowen radioed, “I’m fine as long as it’s not too much longer. How much longer?”

Robot System Shutdown

The problem came when a robotic work station closed in the orbiting lab.  The astronauts who operated the robot arm hastened to another computer station in another room.

The arm didn’t move for about half an hour, while Bowen dared not to let go of the big, broken pump.

After minutes of waiting, the robot came back to life, and the operation resumed.  Fellow spacewalker Alvin Drew helped Bowen be carried by the 5-4-5 foot pump to a new location.

Bowen and Drew somehow completed all the major chores even in spite of all the delays.  They hooked up an extension power cable, added a pair of extra rails, and provided extra clearance for a video camera.

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