Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages is a rock musical that focuses on classical rock hits from the 80’s. The musical gives importance to the songs of Bon Jovi, Styx, Journey, Twisted Sister, and other rock metal hit singers and bands. The songs of these artists are always featured in their musical, especially Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, which was also performed in the fast-rising show Glee.

America’s Got Talent’s first results show was visited and rocked by the powerful voices of Rock of Ages’ cast members. One of its famous members, Constantine Maroulis, was present in the show. Rock of Ages’ performance in America’s Got Talent is considered to be one of the best moments of the show. The group selected some of the best performances they had in the musical and performed that on Got Talent’s stage.

It was a really good opportunity to witness a great performance of the Rock of Ages, especially for Got Talent’s performers and fans. The show also showcased the performance of another great singer, Selena Gomez.