Rovio Mobile: Piracy Can Promote Products Even More

Rovio MobilePiracy just isn’t actually really do the bad that the record companies claims it to be, and may even often be a way for companies to draw in more consumers, according to Mikael Hed, Rovio Mobile chief executive .

Rovio Mobile, the firm powering the popular game Angry Birds, understands with regards to piracy. Not simply has the video game alone already been ripped off mercilessly, but it really has progressively turned into a target for false marketing. But Mikael Hed does not see this as being a problem. Actually, he sees appreciable advantages to piracy.

Mikael Hed said at the Midem conference in Cannes today that “we have some issues with piracy, not only in apps, but also especially in the consumer products. There is tons and tons of merchandise out there, especially in Asia, which is not officially licensed products.”

“Piracy may not be a bad thing. It can get us more business at the end of the day.” he also added.

Chief executive Hed’s picked remedy was to learn from the record companies in the way it look at customers.

“We took something from the music industry, which was to stop treating the customers as users, and start treating them as fans. We do that today. We talk about how many fans we have.” he said.

He even views the applications themselves as income instruments, therefore the greater these products are displayed, the better they could advertise.