Rumor: Dock Connector for iPad 3 From Apple Comes Up

ipad-3-dock-connector-2Another rumor would surely follow after a failed one.  At this moment, claims an iPad 3 dock connector.

The part is not different to Apple, it’s a comparatively standard one and it does not exactly say something concerning the specifications on the forthcoming iPad.  One thing it does reveal is that the dock connector is white, before the black one on the iPad 2.

It’s probable that the white dock connector is only a customized case, with the dock connector being white on the white iPad model, as it is on the white iPhone 4.  There is no assurance that these pictures are real. has a high-quality track list of posting genuine Apple parts, the newest one being the small touchscreen on the latest nano.  And on the picture itself, the part has a similar form factor, and an updated part number (from the 821-1180-A in the iPad to 821-1259-06). Finally, the tail end makes a 90-degree turn, before being straight like the iPad 2.

So whether these pictures are genuine or fake (the ‘Happy Birthday to Liv’ mark makes its veracity questionable), we do not know if this will be for the iPad 3 or the reported iPad HD or iPad Pro.  We will only have to hang around for one more leak, or only wait for Apple to formally announce it.