Rumors About In-Store Crackle from Verizon iPhone 4

A blog post from Boy Genius Report says Verizon’s iPhone may not become a blockbuster gadget at time of release.

Sales status were a little under to what Apple and Verizon expected, and only 550, 000 units of online orders were received by Apple and Verizon.

The data held by the blog came from an anonymous Apple source, and this unites Verizon iPhone 4 totals and five Apple stores for the iPhone’s first five days of sale.  The first day of release of the iPhone by Verizon sold 909 units compared to the 539 units of iPhone 4 by AT&T.  In addition, the sales Verizon by seem to decrease throughout the reporting period.  It hit 711 units at the fifth day vs. 618 by the AT&T.

Verizon iPhone 4The carrier was compelled to shut off sales by 8 pm after Verizon declares that their iPhone sales on the first day of preorder availability topped over its preexisting first-day sales records.  This CDMA-based gadget costs $199 for the 16GB and $299 for the 32GB and with a two-year contract.

Verizon iPhone 4 has a little external difference from the AT&T version in both hardware and software.  Apple seemed to oppose to make hardware changes just to make iPhone 4 well-matched with Verizon’s LTE (Long-Term Evolution) 4G service, yet Verizon had been able to add up one feature: support for a “Personal Hotspot” that links to five other devices through WiFi.

The blog post from Boy Genius Report analyzed the presumed customer demographic, in which Verizon iPhone 4 buyers are 30 percent “Android users”, 25 percent “BlackBerry users” and 14 percent “AT&T iPhone owners”.  Prior to Verizon iPhone’s analysts have agreed that some AT&T customers would jump carriers even though they recommended the bulk of new iPhone launching may be from present Verizon customers trying to upgrade their phones.

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