Rumors Come Out About the Slender iPhone 5

iphone-5-maybePeople have been struggling to contain our combined excitement concerning the prospect of an ultra-thin edition of the iconic smartphone of Apple.

Furthermore, a recent MacRumors forum photo that supposedly shows the upcoming iPhone 5’s super-skinny chassis profile has left us a bit weak at the knees after for a moment not remembering to put on our well-worn masks of disbelief.

Even though at something of a failure as to why the person who got the photo felt the desire to pixel out the hands of whoever’s grasping the anonymity smartphone, we are willing to consider this in certainly a valid iPhone 5 (or pre-launch prototype) for small other causes than it’s so damn sexy.

On the other hand, our eagerness and the credibility of the photo has got something of a hit after tech website Gizmodo posted its own in the same way credible edition of the slim iPhone 5, which it alleges to have knocked up by means of Photoshop in the entire 10 minutes.