Rumors: New MacBook with New Specs will be Released Next Month

We may think that Apple may have been focusing too much on their tablets and phones but new rumors came out that they will have a new MacBook coming out soon.

The said laptop will be released next month to excite laptop consumers in the world. This will come with a new package of specs as compared to the latter ones.

Here are some of the major changes that will come with the unit:

Display – Just like the New iPad, the new MacBook will also have the high resolution Retina displays. It will have a 2880 x 1800 pixels as reports says that started coming out last December – it’s as much as twice with the current 15-inch MacBook Pro. MacBook Air will also have this upgrade.

Graphics – It will have an improved graphic chipset to support 3D graphics and animations with the new screen.

Processor –  It will come with the latest board and CPU called Ivy Bridge by Intel – it will be a standard on new laptops. It’s significantly faster and more powerful.

Design –  It will be much thinner and lighter, might be Air-like design but no exact measurements have surfaced yet. Some ports and optical drives will be removed, the extra space will make use of more battery.

Storage – Rumors suggest that it will have a flash storage system so it will boot faster.

Other – It will also have the USB 3.0 as it is included in the latest Intel boards. The ethernet port will not be present anymore, and the eject button will be replaced with the power button.

Please be reminded that none of these are already confirmed by Apple but there are chances that most of these specs might be present. Final specs will be announced in the released date around June in the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

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  1. jennifer
    May 18, 2012 at 6:32 am

    I’m so excited to have these MacBook, I want to enjoy what can it be provide too…

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