Russian BadNews Bug on Google Play Apps Rack Up Cash from Users

LookOut, a security firm, has just uncovered 32 apps in the Google Play store that contained a Russian bug called BadNews.

Android smartphones that installed these apps were used to accumulate cash through charges without letting the users know by sending text messages on premium numbers.

According to the security firm, these apps were done nicely because it lays on the smartphones for a couple of weeks to avoid detection from the security servers before getting active and rack up some cash.

Most of these apps were downloaded and installed on android users in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and some parts of the Eastern Europe.

The apps were divided by four developer accounts on Google Play. Google has already blocked these accounts and deleted all the apps that were affected in the store. The tech giant did not release any comments about the bug yet.

This strategy of the Russian bug was only apprehended when an app affected with the BadNews bug prompted the control servers and command. It was pushing out more apps and keeps installing malicious softwares such as AlphaSMS, the app that was responsible for racking up cash from the owners.
Russian BadNews Bug Android

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  1. April 21, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    Wow that is no good. IT is a shame that we now have to worry about apps on our phones. You never know these days.

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