Russian Spaceship Reaches Earth Safely

A Russian Soyuz capsule hauling three crew terrains  safely from the International Space Station Saturday, operation control said, after setbacks  in undocking kept the astronauts an additional day in path.

An orator for the Russian mission control center near Moscow said, “The landing was without confrontation. The troop feels usual.”

Russian space organization Roskosmos said the vessel carrying US astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Mikhail Kornienko had landed on time at 9:23 am time in the Kazakh steppes.

Russian Soyuz capsule

The first television images demonstrated the three-member troop still onboard the space station, propeling their fists and reassuring the safe landing.

Shvortsov, mission commandant, was the first to be facilitated out of the pod and draped in a blue thermal bedspread after the laborious flight. Smirking extensively, he bit into an apple, waved and flashed an okay sign to cameras.

Dyson, NASA astronaut was revealed talking to loved ones by satellite phone right away after coming ashore from the Soyuz at the landing location, regarding 35 kilometres (20 miles) from the distant central Kazakh town Arkalyk.

The astronauts had been planned to make their plummet to Earth on Friday but the tumble was postponed 24 hours after the Soyuz craft failed to undock for the first time in a decade of ISS flights.

Crew members were required to add an additional day to over six months in track over doubts that the pod was not completely airlocked after a computer break down.