Samsung and Linux Foundation heading to Korea for a partnership

Linux Foundation will be heading to South Korea as it brings forth Linux Torvalds. According to reports, Torvalds will be the key speaker in the firts ever Korea Linux Forum which will take place on October 11 to 12 in Seoul, South Korea.

It is unquestionable that Linux is not a stranger anymore to the continent of Asia. Even though the Linux Foundation generally seems to have had more activities and gatherings and some of its success recently in Japan. This act of having an event in Korea has been greatlt influenced and encouraged by Samsung, the consumer electronics giant.

According to the executive director of the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin, Korea appears to be a hotbed of the latest development in Linux, particularly in embedded and mobile areas. He further added that the Korea Linux Forum can help build a connection to the spectacular work being conducted in the nation, together with the global Linux community. This leads to technical developments for Linux, which has great impacts on the whole ecosystem. Additionally, Zemlin remarked that they are willing to work together with Samsung regarding this special event, as well as other activities to preferably take advantage of the developer talent pool in the country.