Samsung as the top-seller smartphone for Q3

A new research has indicated that in 2012’s third quarter, the Galaxy S III of Samsung has outwitted the iPhone 4S of Apple from being the top selling smartphone in the world. Samsung’s smartphone has a wide distribution and large operator subsidies credited for the succes of the gadget.

According to the figures gathered by Straregy Analytics, Samsung has shipped 18 million smartphones in the July to September timeframe, while Apple’s iPhone 4S only at 16.2 million.

All-in-all, the two big companies’ smartphones made up the twenty-four percent of the market of smartphones globally. However, celebrations seem to be on hold as courtrooms are busy over Apple and Samsung complaints to each other over patent rights.

Surprisingly not, the competition between the two smartphone giants appeared to be heightened up with the rivalry itself and the publicity around it have helped the market performance of Samsung. The sales for Galaxy S III has jumped after Apple claimed that it was just a copy of their iPhone product.

Moreover, this is not the first time wherein Samsung surpassed Apple in sales. Back in September, Samsung was named as the best-selling smartphone company in America after beating out the demands for iPhone 4S across major different phone carriers in US.