Samsung attorneys sued by Apple Inc, asks for serious punishment

On Thursday, a U.S. judge was asked by Apple Inc. to reprimand Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. because of a conduct done by a Samsung attorney by means of ordering that the company has violated the phone design patents of Apple.

The court trial just started this week with very high stakes of court proceedings between the two mobile companies. Just last year when Samsung sued by Apple for the reason that Samsung copied the design patents of iPad and iPhone. However, Samsung countersued Apple. In addition to this, Samsung labeled the demands of Apple as unprecedented and frivolous during the time when Apple filed the complaint.

Judge Lucy Koh, the U.S. District Judge holding the case, had banned the attorneys of Samsung from presenting some of their evidence during the opening statements. Late in the afternoon, the sued company has sent in reporters’ link via email, saying that essential equality requires that the jury decide the complaint founded on all the evidence presented.

John Quinn from the Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, is the attorney for Samsung, acknowledging that he certified the press statement but still commented that it was not schemed to persuade the jury. Quinn wrote in a statement that the jury’s members had already been chosen during the time that the statement was released, the broadcast of such public exhibits, and had been particularly educated to unread any form of media that links to this case.



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  1. August 3, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Wow I wonder what is going to happen with this. I hope it doesn’t affect Samsung, I really like their phones.

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