hankil yoon

Samsung – Failure in Tablet PC Market

Samsung Electronics publicly stated that its effort to break the tablet market has greatly been a fail, along with one executive presenting a sobering report about its performance at at Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain.

“Honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market,” according to Hankil Yoon, Samsung product strategy executive.

That is about as frank an announcement as it gets coming from any executive at the Mobile World Congress trade exhibition this week.

Samsung has not met targets in its tablet pc business is not a big surprise; Samsung lags well behind the leading Apple’s iPad and perhaps Amazon’s Kindle Fire within the U.S. market. However for an executive to accept the weak point is stimulating at the same time when corporate-speak and terminology-dominated conversations.

Not like Apple and other tablet manufacturers, the South Korea-based company has attempted a shotgun strategy at pushing its Galaxy Tab line of tablet pc’s. At first offering a 7-inch version, it increased to 10-inch version and completed the remainder of the collection with various sizes in between.

The company, on the other hand, seems to stay positive that the Galaxy Note will give a positive push. The 5-inch version, which happens to be currently available, have been a target of massive criticism, mostly because of its size. Although it acts as a phone, it appears more like mainly a tablet and smartphone, some even call it “phablet.”

Hankil Yoon stated he expects to dispatch 10 million items of the 5-inch version Galaxy Note, high expectations for a company that is strugling in the tablet market. He stays positive that the the stylus which they call the “S-Pen” that comes with the Galaxy note–allows customers to create content easier, instead of consuming it.