Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Ban Sales Extended to Entire European Union


An existing sales ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Germany has been extended to the entire European Union by a German court.

Samsung might be in a bad mood today as the sales ban on their Galaxy Tab 7.7 which only covers Germany has been extended up to the whole European Union.

The Galaxy tab 7.7 of Samsung is the latest victim of the dispute between the two giant companies. The South, Korean-based company released a statement saying that they are dissapointed with the ruling of the German court. They also said that they will continue protecting their intellectual property rights against the rival Apple to ensure that their products will remain available to those who want their devices all through out the entire European Union.

Not having sales for a certain product from the entire European Union sounds like a bad news but other sources say that this will not have a big impact for Samsung. They still have a couple devices available which are also affordable like the Tab 2 7.0, in which seems like competing their own Tab 7.7, and the latest rival Nexus 7.

However, there’s also a good news for Samsung as their Galaxy Tab 10.1N is cleared for sale. The changes in design were substantially enough to evade the sales ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.