Samsung leads smartphone market

In 2012, a survey data has shown that smartphone sales made a record high which has taken a large slice of the mobile market worldwide.

According too Strategy Analytics, a research form, smartphone shipments globally have increased to 43 percent to seven hundred million units last year. Samsung, the South Korean tech giant ranked first, capturing over thirty percent of the mobile market, further extending its lead against Apple and other competitions.

Moreover, the survey data also has shown smartphones accounted for close to half of the total 1.6 billion mobile units sold last year. For the total units sold, the market developed by just two percent, which highlighted to shifting to smartphones.

Samsung holds 30.4 percent followed by Apple which holds at 19.4 percent of the smartphone market worldwide.

Strategy Analytics’ Linda Sui stated that Apple and Samsung’s sales for smartphones were accounted for almost half of the total shipped smartphones globally in 2012. She further noted that Samsung and Apple has extensive distribution channels, attractive product portfolios, and large marketing budge, which enabled the top tech giants to have a tight grip on the industry.

Additionally, the data also presented that Nokia remained at its rank as the third largest vendor of smartphone in 2012.


Samsung leads smartphone market