Samsung tab refurbished at a price of $169.99, Walmart

The refurbished Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 is being offered by at a price of $169.99.

The seven-inch Samsung tab has been refurbished for a few months now. Though Walmart’s price is relatively cheaper compared to others, shipping for this device is also paid. However, the tab can be sent to any store of Walmart for free in-store pickup.

Galaxy tab’s new price is considered to be the lowest ever seen. Samsung has raised its efforts in selling the company’s refurbished products through mainline retailers. On the other hand, it is paying more attention in ensuring that its refurbished stock remains off-store shelves.

This kind of strategy allows practical consumers to buy refurbished-to-new conditioned devices for a lesser price.

The only thing that differs the refurbished Samsung tab from others is its warranty — it’s only ninety days compared to the one-year warranty of the non-refurbished item. There are a lot of credit cards like VISA and American Express offer optional warranty doubling. This usually may bound out to six months. Even with this, Samsung tab still has the lowest price of all the devices of its line.