Samsung to add iPad Mini and latest iPod Touch on a case violating its patent

On Wednesday, Samsung charged the iPad Mini of its biggest rival Apple, as well as the fifth-gen of iPod Touch and fourth-gen of iPad, claiming that these have violated its patents. As a result of this, Samsung asked a federal district court to add the mentioned devices to the latest patent battle against Apple.

The complaint of Samsung is alleging Apple that its current gadgets and devices has infringed the same patent as the other versions it has. Moreover, the company also has claimed that all of the products of Apple, which included an external audio output port and a built-in speaker, violated this particular patent. Therefore, the company argues that the latest products of their rival should be included in the patent case.

Previously, Samsung has moved to open out their case against Apple, which included its current product iPhone 5.

On the other hand, Apple had previously claimed that there are devices from Samsung that violated its patents such as Galaxy Nexus and Ga;axy S3 smartphones.

The current case the two companies has is different from the August case with a verdict in favor with Apple, which required Samsung to pay them out with an amount of $1 billion plus.

The judge holding the case ruled yesterday that Samsung may reassess the details of the settlement agreement in the Apple-HTC case, which ended a similar patent fight.

Samsung and Apple are scheduled back in court on the 6th of December. This is for a follow-up action on their previous trial. Some of the issues that could be included are the request of Apple to ban eight of Samsung’s devices on U.S. sales and the motion of Samsung to toss out the verdict of the jury entirely.



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