Samsung Wants to Stop Sales of Apple Products in Australia and Japan

samsung vs appleSamsung Electronics Co. stated it is planning to cease the sales of Apple Inc.’s iPhone 4S in Australia and Japan, even more ramping up a lawful battle against the U.S. company after having a number of setbacks in courts all over the world.

The Samsung stated it submitted on Monday for initial injunctions in the Tokyo District Court as well as in the New South Wales Registry, Australia, to prevent the sales of new iphone 4S mobile phones in the countries. Samsung additionally requested the Japanese court to prevent the sales of Apple Inc.’s iphone4 and ipad2 products.

The filing in Japan points out infringements of technologies and gui patents, whilst in Australia, Samsung mentioned patents associated with wireless telecommunications specifications.
The new law suit comes after key rulings in the vast legal argument went against Samsung a week ago, and indicates how crucial the tablet PC and smartphone business is now to Samsung. The Korean company is broadly anticipated having overtaken Apple Inc. in worldwide smart phone revenue in the third quarter.

“We are now counter-attacking Apple again,” according James Chung, a spokesperson from Samsung Electronics.

Last Thursday, Apple Inc. earned a victory in the worldwide patent grapple with Samsung when a judge from Australia released a short-term injunction preventing the Samsung from marketing its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet pc there.

Last Friday, a Dutch court ruled against Samsung’s report that Apple broke its third-generation mobile network technology patents and turned down its request for a ban on Apple’s items within the Netherlands.

Samsung is also planning to prevent sales of the iPhone 4S within Italy and France in different law suit.