Samsung will Release the $9,000 OLED TV

Demonstrated this year at the Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung is finally releasing the very first OLED TV to the market. The 55-inch TV set packs with great features including facial recognition, motion and voice control, 3D, and other smart TV features but as expected, this is not going to be affordable for some.

The South Korea-based company have been plugging its organic light-emitting diode or OLED technology for many years, but until recently it has not delivered a monster-sized scale from it. Apparently, a constant and significant issue with the blue pixels was resolved lately and the outcome is this monster with 55-inch OLED TV model.

OLED screens allegedly produce much better color and contrast, as well as being thin and highly power-efficient. But many years of claims have generated only a few OLED screen products such as smartphones with large screens and computer monitors everywhere. Part of it is price and another part is technology, no matter what, this year is the mark of the OLED screen finally launching into its own.

The sad thing is, not many people might be able to have enough money for this first offering from Samsung. Of course it will be available first in its native land later this year for maybe over 10 million won or about 9,000 in U.S. dollar. This price range is more than twice or maybe 3 times for what you pay for the latest high-quality tv screens today in the same size utilizing the LED techonology.

LG will also be competing and will release later this year their own OLED TV’s.