Samsung Working on Touchless Interaction with Phones and Tablets

With the tech market getting aggressive, particularly in the tablet and smartphone sectors, technologies from the tech giants and manufacturers are evolving in a fast pace making gadgets that are more convenient and easy to use.

This time, Samsung, one of the most aggressive mobile manufacturer is currently working on a new technology and had teamed up with the researchers at the University of Texas. They are working on a project that involves an EEG (electroencephalogram) cap and the human mind to control smartphones and tablets.

At this stage, the on-going project is very complicated according to the researchers. They say this technology targets people with disabilities for them to use mobile phones and tablets. According to Samsung, they are also interested in other input methods.

With some test with the participants, the accuracy of the this EEG cap system is around 80 to 95 percent. This is quite high already and seems to be closing to success. Participants are able to choose from the selections on the tab on an average of every five seconds. With the current input method, EEG cap, which is intrusive if you use it in every life, researchers have to develop a new EEG cap design that will look normal or approachable.

There were no statements yet from the researchers and Samsung that they are getting close to success but the tech giant seemingly wants to take this new invention to mainstream market.

samsung touchless interface