Samsung’s Galaxy S3 most recommended than Apple’s iPhone 5 in U.K.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is preferred rather than Apple’s iPhone5 in most retailers in U.K.

According to a recent shopper survey conducted last month by Telecoms & Media to eight of the top retail stores of the nation, some of the United Kingdom shoppers recommend to buy and own Samsung Galaxy S III than iPhone5 of Apple. The top eight retail stores included in the survey were PC World, John Lewis, O2, Maplins, Everything Everywhere, Carphone Warehouse, and Phones 4 U.

The results of the survey show that of all the major brands of smartphone including Apple, Samsung, Research In Motion Limited, LG, and Motorola Mobility, the smartphone most recommended was Galaxy S III of Samsung. It is interesting to know that the other smartphone brands were seldom mentioned by sales store representatives.

A research analyst from Informa, Julian Jest remarked that the most recommended handsets were Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3, regardless of the fact that these gadgets were on the market longer compared to the newest gadgets from HTC Corporation, Apple, and Nokia Corp. Jest added that the most surprising thing was that in spite of the recent product launch and in-store campaign, Apple’s iPhone were recommended in only two stores.

However, this survey is still considered as a small-time kind of survey, it remained to be a surprising fact that Apple just received a minimal acceptance since the launch of iPhone5.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 most recommended than Apple's iPhone 5 in U.K.