Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S IV shared on Twitter

Leaked images for Samsung’s new device.

Samsung Electronics have shared a vague image of what to expect from its upcoming new gagdet Galaxy S IV handset. It is posted on Twitter, which looks like its predecessor Galaxy S III.

Rumors spreading that the new Samsung smartphone will be released on Thursday. The teaser image looks like a larger Galaxy S III, showing a phone with the same thin plastic cladding, removable back plate, battery, and sloped design.

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S IV shared on TwitterIt has been for several weeks when the rumor is spreading. The news grew larger on its display — it’s five inches with a 1080 pixel resolution. The company has increased the size of its displays for Galaxy S on every launch of new device.

Moreover, speculations are suggesting that the upcoming Samsung S IV will come with a quad-core processor from Qualcomm or Samsung.

To this point, the company is advertising its next handset and flagged it as “the biggest thing since color TV.”