San Francisco BART Train System, To Get another Protest by Monday

147313-a-protester-holds-up-a-sign-on-a-bart-train-during-a-demonstration-at-Protesters prepared to meet again August 22 at a downtown San Francisco train station, a continuation of demonstrations by those angered by shootings by the train system’s police officers.

Bay Area Rapid Transit system officials say they plan to strengthen security at the Civic Center station for the reason of planned protest.

According to the train officials, “BART may need to close some stations temporarily or make other service adjustments on short notice.”

According to organizers OpBart, the demonstration is planned to begin at around 5 in the afternoon.  In the previous protests, crowds have assembled outside and inside train stations.  Some protesters were seen trying to climb on trains.

BART has been at the center of controversy about shooting by its officers, the newest being last month that resulted in the death of Charles Hill, 45.

Last week hackers attacked the website of BART and posted the home addresses and other data of all 102 police officers on the train system’s police force.

There as well have been some other attempts at protests including one earlier this month that BART officials quelled by slashing cell phone signals at several subway stations.

The board members of the train system have planned a special meeting on Wednesday to talk about that controversial decision.

That choice to slash cell phone service brought out condemnation from civil liberty organization, the editorial page of San Francisco Chronicle and others.