ScanLife Mobile Barcode Technology is Now Included in the Bluefly

A leading online merchant of stylish trend and garnishes, Bluefly Inc., proclaimed that it has integrated mobile barcode equipment from Scanbuy, Inc., the Closet Confessions, newly commence television promotion operation. The Closet Confessions commercial, which commenced on Bravo media’s diverse proposals prior this month, are a sequence of 45-second acne that attribute superstars charitable trips of their clandestine and allocating stories about them.

The ScanLife mobile barcodes, or “Quick Response” codes, will materialize in the commercials during November, giving spectators an immediate admittance to further video substance or a $30-off voucher when they scrutinize the cipher with their camera phones using a barcode inspecting application.


Bluefly’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bradford Matson says, “Bluefly has been glancing for latest and pioneering ways to loom television promotion and to employ our fashionista patrons in a more dimensional and quantifiable way.”

“We were agitated to fetch the Closet Confessions occurrences to television prior this month, and have been ecstatic with the reaction from Bravo’s spectators to the crusade. Now, by integrating the ScanLife portable barcode equipment into the commercials, we are captivating Closet Confessions one step auxiliary by given that spectators with a inimitable call to exploit that allocates them to immediately admission restricted pleased and particular offers from their phones while they are watching TV.”

Bluefly’s Closet Confessions commercials including the Quick Response (QR) codes, which are subjected and handled with Scanbuy’s technology, will scuttle through November on Bravo indoctrination, together with original airings, and pick re-airings of the Emmy-winning series Top Chef, The Real Housewives of D.C., The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Flipping Out, and the new Top Chef Just Desserts. This crusade symbolizes the first time that a merchant in the United States has used the QR codes on televisions.

Mike Wehrs, Chief Executive Officer of Scanbuy said, “We are delighted to be effective with Bluefly on such a pioneering and really penetrate submission for our equipment, and we’re connecting spectators straightly to mobile substance from a throng media is tremendously convincing, particularly as patrons are expenditure more time on their mobile mechanism for amusement and shopping. The truth that the equipment is now being used on television truly reveals the volatile enlargement we have seen this precedent year.”