Security dilemmas on Java critical

The growing concern over the security of Java has given Oracle, its distributor, the worst weekend of its existence.

Last week, the first punch to the software was the discovery about some cracks in the computer language’s armor. This is after researcher “kafeine” has drawn its attention to various websites that were making use of the zero-day security vulnerability within Oracle’s Java 7 Update 10. This software could lead to identity theft, installation of a malware, or to rope personal computers to become illegal units, which further can direct to the usage of denial-of-service assaults contrary to the other sites.

This certain dilemma was measured serious enough for the company to publish an emergency path which was Java 7 Update 11 throughout the weekend. But there are security experts who have cautioned that the modifications do not really go far enough to give solutions.

According to a security researcher from Security Explorations, Adam Gowdiak, they have been observing on the flaws that Java can brought up for the last year. At the time Gowdiak analyzed the current update to the software, he found out that the patch remains to leave quite a few of “critical security flaws.”

With this result, Gowdiak noted that they do not even dare to tell the consumers that it is already safe to enable Java back.

On the other hand, there are a lot of security firms and businesses that are suggesting Oracle to conduct immediate solution to those flaws.