Offers iPad 2 for Free!

A day that marks where the Apple iPad 2 opened has observed millions of people in the UK seeming to obtain their hands on this newest should have device is Friday March 25, 2011. The first Apple iPad was excitedly projected and when it started on previous year it surely didn’t dissatisfy, and neither has its descendant with queues being shaped up to 48 hours prior to the 5pm release.

The open cost for the iPad 2 is put at about £399 at several stores and with pioneering features such as:  1. The smooth design 2.Improved ergonomics 3. Improved battery life  4. Facetime chats  5. Smear-resistant screen  and 6. iOS 4.3

The release of iPad 2 will incite the attention of hardcore Apple admirers, iPad enthusiasts, and yet new admirers are beginning to come out of the woodwork.

To have a good time the launch of new Facebook app of SellMyMobile, they are offering a brand new, spectacular iPad 2 in the rivalry titled suitably,  “Be a winner of an iPad 2.”

The Facebook app features the corresponding, supreme, cost assessment you observe presently on to guarantee, you are sure to forever obtain the most money for your mobile. On the other hand, the most excellent component is that if you send it to your friends you be able to receive money or to your selected charity.


The app is easy and simple to use. All you have to do is click which of your Facebook friends you desire to send it to, and after that whenever one of your friends utilizes the SellMyMobile app to sell their mobile phones you receive a £2 for every sale. There is no hold in any way and it doesn’t charge you or your friends everything. You are only sending your friends a connection to the Facebook app.

Actually, your friends will be grateful of sending it to them as you will be assisting them obtain the most cash for their previous mobile, and after that they be able to send it on to their friends and they also receive cash for themselves or their charity.

With the open of this innovative app, the SellMyMobile Group has as well determined to run a rivalry to win an iPad 2. Consequently you utilize the app to earn yourself or your charity money and you as well acquire an entry to win an iPad for free.

It is completely free to go into the contest, and all you have to do to put a possibility of winning the most attractive device on the earth at present is ‘Like’ the Facebook page and signup to utilize the Sell My Mobile new Facebook app and request your friends.

To achieve this you will must visit the Page of Facebook Fan , click the ‘Like’ button at the peak of the page and afterward click the ‘Invite Friends’ button. Lastly signup and after that select which friends to send the app to, also whether you desire to accept the money yourself or choose a charity to give it to.

The promotion ends on May 31 at 23:59 therefore confirm that you find your entry in prior to after that to be in with a possibility, and good luck to all who wants to join!

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