Shipments of 6-Series Core-Logic Sets will be Continued by Intel

Partners of Intel Corp. propose to start again shipments of individual computers based on Intel Core i-series “Sandy Bridge” microprocessors which plans are not impacted by chipset failing after on one week of closed down shipments. Intel will as well start again shipments of its chipsets to those creators, who be able to assurance the lack of core-logic-related issues.

Intel discovered that Serial ATA-300 controllers of its 6-series chipsets hold an erratum, which might finally guide to presentation deprivation of storage equipment. A lot of Serial ATA ports and SATA-600 controllers of the 6-series chipsets are not impacted because of modern chipsets support; it should be probable to utilize those core-logic sets in notebooks since such schemes enclose just one or two Serial ATA-based gadgets. Furthermore, desktop system creators might as well disable faulty SATA-300 ports and install an add-on Serial ATA card to give essential amount of storage ports. As a consequence, end-users’ practice with PCs will not be concession granted that computer manufacturers look after this.

6-Series Core-Logic

Intel said in a report that “Intel consequently started broad deliberations with computer creators concerning this subject.  As an outcome of these deliberations and exact needs from computer creators, Intel is starting again shipments of the Intel 6-series chipset for make use of only in PC system configurations that are not impacted by the plan issue.”

In corresponding, Intel has started manufacturing on a latest edition of this support chip. Intel currently anticipates beginning shipping the latest parts in middle of February.

This recommencement of shipments of the Intel 6-series chipset is not shifting the company’s modernized first quarter 2011 and full-year financial viewpoint published on January 31st, 2011.

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