Simcity 5 Offline Version Plans Rejected

During the early development of the City-building simulation game, SimCity 5, Electronic Arts had plans of having a single-player version of the game, but unfortunately it was rejected.

As many people are playing the game, some are having complains of the game’s requirement to be constantly connected to the internet.

Maxis head, Lucy Bradshaw, said that an offline or single-player version of the game will not be proper or just doesn’t fit for their main theme which is the multi-player city building game. And she said that many players are contented or prefers the multiplayer mode of Simcity 5.

Since the game was released on March 5, 2013, more and more players are complaining that the need for being constantly online is causing some glitches, bugs, and other problems such as the delays just to play the game.

Other gamers and geeks have been messing up with the codes and used their magic tricks just to play the game offline. They changed some codes that will let the game think that it is connected online even if it is not. Some have suggested the game maker through phone or emails to release an offline version of SimCity 5.

simcity 5 offline versionYet, Lucy Bradshaw is firm with what she already said. The requirement of the game to be constantly online is vital because in the first place, the game is made originally with the plan of multiplayer in mind.