New Device from Skycable Revives Old TV Viewing Habit

In an obvious effort to bring back lost viewers into the TV-viewing routine, Skycable Corp. revealed yesterday its newest recording machine that permits consumers to proof programs exposed on TV which serves as a choice to downloading of videos in the Internet.

The chain corporation brought in DigiBox iRecord, a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) set top pack with multiple purposes.

Advertising head of Skycable Philippines, Rodrigo Montinola, explained DigiBox as a “breakthrough” product for the Philippine market, coverage that usage of a PVR set top box has turn out to be a norm in today’s TV presentation.


“We observe the drift in countries like the US where TiVo is a clip in millions of families. In Asia, there’s Singapore’s StarHub and Malaysia’s Astro, whose PVR versions are ahead fame in their individual countries. Being a country of television aficionados, the Philippines shouldn’t be left after in this significant growth,” Rodrigo Montinola said.

The DigiBox iRecord, he continued, is a set top box, that attaches to the television set by means of an HDMI cable. Between its main traits, it has a recording meaning that can be allowed on the spot, as the watcher is watching or planned for a future time. It approaches with a 320-gig hard drive.

Montinola said Skycable imagines achievement for the DigiBox iRecord in the nation as they aspire to aid subscribers in receiving more out or their TV familiarity.

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