Apple: Rumored to Receive SkyFire for iPhone Next Week

Do we have the sense of hearing regarding SkyFire?  It is the smartphone browser that was masticated through Flash video and new wealthy media long previous to some of the fitted browsers were sustaining such things — and on a quantity of platforms, it is still the single alternative.

We have recognized that SkyFire Labs was crackin’ away at an iPhone port for a little bit nowadays — the company long-established it after Opera obtained a surprise App Store thumbs up. Although when would it be completed? New prominently, when would it be presented for that oh-so-necessary beat of approval?

SkyFire for iPhone

Almost immediately, speak our resources.

A couple of trusted little birdies have just said that SkyFire has presently went into the ultimate testing phase of what they mean to be the primary public iPhone construct, with strategy to propose to Apple before time next week.

Of course, SkyFire would not corroborate or refuse this information on the record — there is still room for very last minute microbes to jam a tug in the machineries over the weekend. However until we have the sense of hearing or else, anticipate SkyFire to publicize their App Store acquiescence abruptly later than the weekend.