Skype version on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s Skype version for Windows Phone 8 is now available as a preview of it has been presented. It has delivered exclusive features to the new operating system for mobile, which also has raised privacy issues.

Skype is considered as the free VoIP application of Microsoft and was currently declared as the successor of Windows Live Messenger, which is the instant messenger service of the company.

A user of Windows Phone 8 can now download Skype from the online application store of Microsoft. It requires a 512MB of RAM in order to be fully operational.

The release of this new application is consisting of all the features sketched out by Microsoft at the time it released a sneak preview of the particular software. And since it is just a preview version, it may have presented issues for bugs and call reliability.

The Skype designed for Windows Phone 8 has a greater connection with its hardware rather than its versions on other platforms like the Apple iOS. Among the smartphones that could get it running are Windows Phone 8X, Windows Phone 8S of HTC, Ativ S of Samsung, and Lumia 820 and 920 from Nokia.

It is still considered as an independent app, however Skype for Windows Phone 8 is tightly connected with the latest version of tyhe mobile OS of the company.

It can display details regarding the voice calls, video calls, and chats even the phone is turned off. And with the access to the incoming call screen, it permits you to switch between cellular voice calls and SKype voice calls.


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