So-Net Entertainment Offers 2Gbps Internet Speed for $50 a Month

As Google Fiber closes to roll out with its amazing internet speed, Japan had already rolled out their own ultra fast internet doubling that of the Google Fiber.

We believe internet users in the United States are dreaming of ultra fast internet of Google Fiber or maybe all users all over the world. In Tokyo, Japan, an internet provider backed by Sony is now offering a 2Gbps service for only $50 a month – Google Fiber is not even close with that speed with only 1Gbps max and a steeper price tag.

Nuro, the name of this insanely fast internet service, offered by So-Net Entertainment in six other prefectures close to Tokyo. Nuro just launched today but there were no reports yet on how many customer have subscribed to the service as of now.

However, don’t get too excited yet. This ultra-fast internet speed has its downsides, too. For the time being, Nuro of So-Net Entertainment is the ISP top contender but for those who want to subscribe has to pay a huge amount equivalent to $540 in US dollars for the installation fee although it could be waived if a customer applies online. Aside from the huge amount installation fee, subscriber has to sign a tie-up or a 2-year contract, too.

But the biggest problem now is how the user take advantage of the service with computers only capable with just a fraction of the speed? Might as well upgrade computers, too!


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  1. michael Abraham
    April 30, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    My company wishes to become an isp with so-net.

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