Sony and adobe

Sony Gives Out $200,000 for Adobe Android App

Sony and adobeA new prize will be announced by Adobe and Sony that will give $200,000 for Android applications on the latest Sony Tablet gadgets.

Sony and Adobe have opened a new ‘challenge’ that can recompense Android app developers with up to $200,000.  The progress, aspired at addressing a lack of Android tablet applications, anticipates building up the quantity of apps accessible for upcoming tablet computers of Sony.

The companies said that the ‘Adobe AIR App Challenge Supported by Sony’ will “drive the creation of innovative Android applications for the two models of “Sony Tablet” devices.”  It will give developers a possibility to win $200,000 in total cash prizes.

Both companies alleged they “will developers to tap into native device capabilities and combine Adobe Flash technology and HTML5 to deliver unique, high-performance mobile applications using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 and the open source Flex framework.”

Sir Howard Stringer, chairman of Sony and chief executive had prior corroborated that the company will release a tablet computer based on Android Honeycomb operating system of Google.

Speaking to Japan’s Nikkei, he said that the gadget would come out by the last part of the summer, yet did not provide further details.  Sony has beforehand pointed out that it was working on both a PlayStation- accredited “S1” tablet and folding “S2” edition, but the release date has currently been shoved back to the autumn.

Apple’s iPad has received the vast majority of the tablet market, with several analysts recommending they account for over 90% of the entire sales.  Android operating system of Google has, on the other hand, started to apply pressure to the iPhone-manufacturer with the launch of Honeycomb, an edition of Android planned particularly for tables.  It has constantly fought to influence developers to make apps because there is not so far an enough income stream outside iOS of Apple.

The S1 is a 9.4-inch tablet computer with a tapered design and the S2 is a clamshell style tablet that opens to expose two 5.5 inch touchscreens.  The two tablets may not launch simultaneously.  Both tablets will have WiFi connectivity and 3G mobile internet, and 4G where it is accessible.

The awards will as well consist of promotion of the application on “Sony Tablet” gadgets and the contest will provide chosen developers pre-release to “Sony Tablet” archetypes.