Sony Launches Two Tablets – S and P

Sony-tabletsSony has finally entered the battle arena with Apple at Europe’s largest electronics show, it is where Sony to Samsung makes their announcements. Sony, as the electronic giant from Japan launched their first two tablet computers and brought a very convincing case that they can stand against the first tablet conqueror iPad.

The company has an uphill battle on its hands, however: the new ‘S’ and ‘P’ models – one a 9.4” tablet and the other featuring two screens that fold together – are entering a crowded market whose sum total has been called ‘little more than a rounding error’ when compared to iPad sales.

The new Sony S features two amazing stuff, is has a built in infrared transmitter, it can be a universal remote control. Previously, it was limited to just Sony TV’s but now it works with any brands or manufacturers. While Apple locks its users to their own products – where iPods and iPhones can only use iTunes – Sony is proud to say that it is more open.

Sony also aims to decrease the mess of digital videos, music and other media that users have in different computers, hard drives and any storage devices. Using the WIFI DLNA, which is already installed in thousands of devices, Sony automatically scans the network for the media. This means that the Sony Tablet will be a key interface, allowing users to play music or videos to any online TV or other online media players.

Ben Wood, CCS Insight analyst, any tablets competing iPads are a “tough sell”, emphasizing the withdrawal of HP tablet in the market. Like HP, Sony is selling these devices with the same price as Apple iPads. This is a brave move, he also said.

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  1. No Doubt Sony Tablet is a little bit expensive sure but this provides more purity for the enhance quality for the people.So i really glad to see this valuable information for the Sony Tablet.

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