Sony to convene assembly for Feb20 Playstation revelation

For almost two years now, Sony Corp. will host its very first major Playstation meeting this February. This has sparked an outburst in online assumptions that the Japanese consumer electronics giant is on the preps of revealing the successor of its PS3 games console.

The PS3 games console has sold about seventy million when it was released six years ago.

However, Sony has refused to comment on the speculations that it would be releasing a new product at a meeting on the 20th of February. Masaki Tsukakoshi, a spokesman from Sony, commented that they will be discussing purely about Playstation business.

It was in January 2011 when Sony held a Playstation event, presenting a prototype of its handheld Vita console. In 2005, the company has assembled a meeting, demonstrating its PS3 concept.

Ever since the last launch of its home console, the market for games has been changed by the rise of tablet computers and smartphones that have enticed consumers with cheap or free games.

Today, Sony and other console giants like Nintendo Co. Ltd. will have to compete against handheld devices from Samsung, Apple, and others.


Sony to convene assembly for Feb20 Playstation revelation