Sony to pay $395K for PlayStation hack in 2011

The Information Commissioner’s Office or ICO in the UK has fined SCE or Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited with an amount of US$395,775. This is due to the huge hacking of Sony’s PSN or PlayStation Network in 2011 that saw millions of leaked personal data from its users.

On Thursday, the ICO stated that the monetary penalty being implemented to Sony comes after the severe violation of the Data Protection Act.

Back at the time when the platform of PSN was hacked in April of 2011, it has compromised personal information from the millions of consumers who use it, which included details like email addresses, dates of birth, names, passwords and addresses. The ICO further added that the credit card or payment details of the customers were also at risk due to this horrible event.

Moreover, ICO added that with the investigation it had conducted, it found out that the attack could have been avoided if the software had been certain to be up to date. It also noted that technical developments also could mean that passwords were not that secured.

In a statement, the deputy commissioner and director of data protection, David Smith explained that it is a major priority to keep personal data secured well enough, especially with payment card details and log-in details. But in this case, it just did not happen, it is a determined criminal attack wherein the database was targeted and the security measures were proven to be not good enough. Furthermore, he clarified that there is no concealment that this is a business that should have known better information, since it is a company that specializes on technical aspect. It should have access to technical knowledge as well as the resources on how to keep every information safe.

According to ICO, the company already has rebuilt its network platform so that it could make sure that every detail and information are kept secured.

Sony to pay $395K for PlayStation hack in 2011