Sony’s PS4 pricing rumors

Today, a Japanese source has reported that the upcoming PlayStation 4 of Sony will probably be introduced before December in U.S.A and Japan.

A Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun ran a story about Sony’s PS4. According to the report, there is a guaranteed pre-Christmas launching of the upcoming PS4. Sony is supposed to give confirmation about this rumor at a February 20 press conference. Additionally, an anonymous developer noted that the introduction will be only at Japan and U.S.A. Other countries would be expecting to see the new console in 2014.

Furthermore, the newspaper’s sources provided the very first hint with regard to the console’s pricing. PS4 is expected to be priced at approximately $400 in the U.S. If it’s going to be sold in the U.K., with all VAT taken into account, the PS4 will probably cost at a minimum of £310.

Sony's PS4 pricing rumors

In the condition that the expected prices are true, consumers can actually save up compared to its predecessor. PlayStation 3 was launched with a price of £425 in the U.K.

On the other hand, Sony did not give any comments on the claims about the new console’s pricing.

PS4 is designed to be the substitute for PlayStation 3 console. Rumors are saying that the PS4 device seemingly swaps PS3’s cell processor for an AMD A-Series APU, which will make it an easier-to-use program. The DualShock controllers could be replaced by a Vita-like touch-control system and at the same time a modernized motion-sensing EyeTor peripheral.